December 26, 2013

D.I.Y. Travel Savings Jars

I've always kept a tour fund jar where I drop in extra cash and save up for travel expenses. I've put it to great use, and over the last few years have managed to see much of the lovely country I call home. Lately I've had an overwhelming urge to travel even further. Europe. Australia. Somewhere--anywhere--new and foreign and full of potential. I know such a goal will probably take a few years to accomplish, and that in the meantime, I'm not willing to give up my usual domestic trips. What I need (in addition to more disposable income) is a separate place to stash my international fund so I don't blow it all on immediate gratification.

I took to the internet for inspiration and was met with this adorable yet simple design:  

You can check out a full D.I.Y. tutorial over at evermine blog.

Somehow surrounded with an abundance of Christmas wrapping materials and an errant thought that the bows looked more like hairbows than bow ties, I came up with this. The Mr. & Mrs. Jar couple. (The Masons, yes?)

They're probably perfect for some crafty young couple wanting to save for different things, but I'm single, and they're both for me.

The Mrs. Jar is domestic (ha. get it? sexism.) and the Mr. Jar is international,  my long-term savings goal. Maybe in the future they'll have a long-distance relationship with one headed to Chicago and one headed to Rome. They can change attire when the goals change, maybe don tacky tourist florals for a beach trip, tiny scarves if I ever make it to Alaska, or be topped with an Irish flag; the possibilities are endless. I look forward to dressing them, filling them, and ultimately emptying them and starting over.

(Disclaimer: I don't fully trust Mr. Jar to safely handle enough money for an international trip, so we'll probably transfer his contents into Mrs. Bank Account from time to time.)

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