August 12, 2021

#FiredUp: How To Be A Decent Human

The original version of this post has been the source of a few disagreements. I will not apologize for standing up for my friend, but I hate to think that the words and the method that I chose to use may have led some to miss the very important point I was trying to make. I’d like to cut out anything that leaves room for disagreement and present you with all that I know to be 100% fact. If you don’t agree with everything below, I have nothing left to say to you.

So here are the facts: If you are are gossiping about a disabled person and calling into question the authenticity of their disability, you need to do better. If you are scheming about who might be using ADA and how it will affect you, you need to do better. If you are contacting a venue and discussing someone else’s disability without their consent, you need to do better. If you resent a disabled person for using the accommodations legally provided to them, you need to do better. If you are joking about how “nice” or convenient it must be to have a disability to get early entry, you need to do better. If you have ever faked a disability, causing others to question the validity of those with real needs, you need to do better. If you witness someone behaving this way and recognize that it is wrong, but still say nothing to them, you need to do better. If you are defending someone who is behaving this way, you need to do better. 

Yes, there are a million other ways we can all improve to become our best selves, but this post is not about any of them. This is about pointing out a specific issue within this fan base that I was blind to until it affected one of my close friends, and I’m sorry for anyone with a disability who has ever experienced the above treatment or worse, sorry if I have ever unknowingly been a part of the problem, and hopeful that we can all encourage each other to do better in the future.

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