March 17, 2012

My Anti-Bucket List

I recently joined tumblr, and after swearing to myself that I'd delete it if I started aimlessly killing a lot of time (though I have yet to figure out what it's really for if that isn't the purpose), I keep finding myself browsing the bucket list tags. I've always been a little intrigued by the concept of a bucket list. Should I have one? Would I be more motivated to go out and do exciting things if I did? The more I look at other people's lists, the more I think no, I don't need one. Because instead of collecting things I want to do, I keep finding myself identifying things I've already done. I don't want a list of things I may never do, a collection of standards that I may never reach that might not even mean something to me in ten years. I think it would be too much like a new year's resolution for me--something with good intentions that ultimately falls short.

Instead, I want an anti-bucket list, an ever-growing list of things I've done that I never thought I'd do. Proof that I've put myself out there and lived life in some way. So here it is, my anti-bucket list, made possible in part by viewers like you (who I'm sure some of which were in the car or on the sidewalk with me), and also by my favorite band, who often motivates me to do stupid things like dance in a banana suit.

Photo credit me--unedited, probably taken haphazardly while driving, definitely taken somewhere between Maine and Florida. Make one of your own! You might be surprised by what you've already done.