May 21, 2009

Tulsa 2009 Members Event

For the second time in my life, I trekked from South Carolina to Oklahoma to see Hanson. It was a nice walk down memory lane as I returned to the place I first saw Hanson perform live just a little over two years ago.
(na na na na na na, been there before!)

Since my first trip was a last minute decision and I was only there for two days, I got to experience and enjoy a lot more of the things Tulsa has to offer this time around. I left from my house in SC and drove 7 hrs to my friend Whitney's house in Knoxville on Wednesday the 13th. We left around 6:30 AM Thursday morning and headed off to pick up Laura near Nashville, and then we were off. Thirteenish hours later, we ended up in Tulsa. We occupied ourselves with lots of sightseeing and money spending as we waited for our session of the members event to come at 7 PM on May 16th. Here is a list of places we ate/shopped at and did some sightseeing:

Joe Momma's
Ida Red
Taco Bueno (x2)


Cracker Barrel

The Laughing Wench

Dwelling Spaces


The Center of the Universe

The Oil Driller


The Oklahoma Welcome Center

And an honorable mention for our attempt to find Utica Square.

I spent entirely too much money, but it was all worth it. Props to Beth for making a wrong turn, ending up at the welcome center, and discovering Tulsa snowglobes!

The show was great despite minor line drama and Whitney's fear that the staff was out to get her (we're still not sure what that was about).

I was in the 3rd session. Here's the setlist:

Carry you There
These Walls
Kiss Me When You Come Home
Make It Through The Day
Use Me Up
Musical Ride
Make It Out Alive
Waiting For This
Never Let Go
Letters In The Mailbox
I Am
Take Our Chances

I had already heard Take Our Chances and Never Let Go, but everything else was new to me, and most of it was new to everyone. I can't wait to get the EP and the final album. Use Me Up has the potential to be my new favorite song. It has Zac singing lead and playing the piano, and I'd probably describe it as one of the most passionate songs I've ever heard. Waiting for This was another good one that involved audience participation as we echoed Taylor by shouting "Shout it out" and "You can't deny it." I can see it being a great song to experience in concert. I was also very excited to hear Letters in the Mailbox, as this was the first and only time it has ever been performed live. Now I've heard all of the songs on the 2008 membership kit performed live.

The guys were really entertaining and talkative between songs, which was another plus. They made more jokes than I can recall, and most of them were genuinely funny. The best moment of the night went something like this, after a brief discussion about how the event was like reality TV, only real:

Isaac: Live, on reality TV! Zac, I hate your guts!
Zac: Ike! I slept with your dog!
Isaac: I'm not sure if I should be angry or throw up. Probably both.
Taylor: Let's ask the dog.

I think this was followed by some ridiculous song Zac made up on the spot called "Teaparty with Frogman," which told a story of how he had wanted some Earl Grey tea but they were out, so he ordered rootbeer instead, which was good because it's full of "ANTIOXIDANTS" (as he belted out in a climactic high note). I really hope there is footage of this and that it will be shared at some point.

In other news...At the walk, Taylor had some funky hair going on. See exhibit A, B, and C:

My first thought was that Taylor is actually Edward Cullen. (See exhibit D)

My second thought was that, no, he can't be Edward Cullen because that is a clear case of bed head, and Edward Cullen doesn't sleep.

May 20, 2009

Member Event sneak preview blog

Because I'm too tired to write a full review, but don't want to forget some priceless quotes, here are some quotations worth elaborating on later and pondering about until then:

"What, is this a surprise party or something?"
Why yes, yes it was. Further proof of me being a fool and not caring.

"She can see us; she'll know we're here." Holly S.
"Yes, but she doesn't know I have a gun." Holly F.

"I slept with your dog." Zac
"I don't know whether to be angry or throw up. Probably both." Isaac
"Let's ask the dog." Taylor


"Youtuber!" Melissa
"Don't call me a potato." Beth

Edit, because Laura reminded me of something else:

"Turn on Maybelline road" Holly S
"Maybe it's Maybelline." Laura
"...Maybe it's not" Holly
(in response to misreading a sign that said "Maybell," or something to that effect that was not quite "Maybelline")

Ahh, Tulsa.

May 7, 2009

Hanson Day/Turning 21

May 5th, 6th, and 7th will always be special to me. I saw Hanson live for the first time on May 5th, 2007 (MONA recording), so it's officially been two years. May 5, 2008 was also the day I met all of my awesome friends that went to the Asheville show--happy 1st anniversary to us! Of course May 6th is Hanson day. I was lucky enough to see Hanson on Hanson Day in my hometown last year, and this year one of my favorite bands (Jack's Mannequin) ended up playing here on May 6th also, so I celebrated by wearing a dorky Hanson tee to a great concert in the same venue I spent the last Hanson Day at. May 7th is lovely because it's my birthday, and this one is even more lovely (and Hanson-y) because it's my 21st. I've got to admit, I listened to Turning 21 on repeat in my car on the way home from the concert, and I ceremonially removed my underage wristband for the last time (yay for no more cover charges!).

And to top all of this awesomeness, this time next week I'll be in Tulsa. Can't wait!