February 17, 2009

Hanson Day '09 RSVP=Chaos

Official details were announced, and the initial plan was to have two sessions on Sat. May 16th, at 3 and 7 pm, with the possibility of a 3rd session if necessary. This works out perfectly because I'm out of school by this time, and it's still only about a week after my 21st, so I can still pass it off as a celebration. (It's also oddly creepy because I had a dream the event would be held on the 15th). With about 250 spots per session, I really didn't see a 3rd session being necessary, though it did begin to look like the 7 pm slot would fill up first. From what I remember, I don't think MONA or the Orlando event had to turn anyone down. Plus with MONA being an official recording, I just assumed it was more important and more people would be willing to travel for it. So I just assumed people would fight over the 7 pm session, it would fill up, and they'd be left with a smaller 3 pm crowd. I don't normally like being wrong, but this one I'll accept.

Here's the part where I plan to rub things in if you're of the opinion that Hanson fans are few and far between. RSVPs started being taken at 5 PM. Since I would be out of my room until at least 7, I had a friend RSVP for me on the off chance that the 7 pm session filled up quickly and I got separated from my friends. When I got back and checked hanson.net around 7:30, I was completely shocked to see that BOTH sessions were already maxed out (and as of today word is there are only about 120 spots left in the 3rd session, which is being held at 8 pm on May 15th). This means that 500+ people RSVPed in under 3 hours, and another number of people were placed on a waiting list. Not only that, but it's not like these 500+ people are all native Tulsans. No, they're from all over the country--heck, all over the world! And it's limited to fanclub members, so it's not even representative of all Hanson fans, just the pushovers that fork over $40 a year (no hard feelings; I'm one of them). Just think, if this many people would jump on the opportunity to trek all the way to Tulsa from various places, how many more are out there, right now, thinking "I love these guys, but I'm not going to Tulsa!" Lots, that's how many.

I think the song "Coming Back for More" is wildly appropriate at the moment, and not even just because my friends and I jokingly said we're "Coming back for Moe!" (MOE-->Members Only Event).

Edit/Update: Aaaand, as of today (2/18/09), the 3rd session is full and there are no plans for a 4th. That's 750 RSVPs in less than 72 hours, plus the amount of people stuck on a waiting list that didn't do it in time. Take that, someone else!