August 29, 2013

The Art of Asking: Help me win tickets?

Remember back in 2011 on the Musical Ride Tour, there was a contest to win a pair of tickets at any tour stop, and you got an extra entry for every person that used your link to enter?

I did a full month of tour that year, and that free ticket was worth more to me than you know. I posted a blog entry at the time and I asked you guys to use my link and help me out. Some of you did, and I was lucky enough to win that pair of tickets to a show in NYC.

Another tour, and another three weeks down the coast for me (the west coast this time!), and free tickets are worth a lot to me once again. If you're feeling generous and are also interested in winning your own pair of tickets !PLUS A M&G!, we can do this again.

Click this link. Enter this contest. May we both win!

After you've done that, here's a pretty neat video about the power of simply asking people for help and the amazing response that often comes from humbling yourself enough to ask.

Update: Sometimes I'm not sure if my insane luck is good or bad. For this edition of Holly has weird luck, I just happened to enter this contest for the ONE show this tour that has sold out in advance so far, and I'm ticketless. You using my link to enter just became more helpful than ever. I can't really afford to bribe you or anything, but find me in line at a show and I'll give you a high five and share my Scooby fruit snacks or something :-)