Q: Hanson, as in MMMBop Hanson? Those blond brothers?
A: Yes, that Hanson. Not so blonde anymore, but still brothers.

Q: Do they know you? Are you their biggest fan?
A: I'm just *a* traveling fan, not THE traveling fan. Hanson has tons of dedicated fans all over the world that go to multiple shows and have stuck with them for years. None of us are bffs with the band (though some of us are bffs with each other--one of the fun side effects of great music. It brings people together).

Q: Are they still making music, or do they just play their old stuff?
A: They're still making music. Their latest project is called "Against The World", and they are releasing a new single from it every month. They also have countless fan club EPs, a couple of killer Christmas albums, and even a two-disc collaboration with an orchestra. You can find all of the above at Hanson.net.

By far, the most frequently asked question I get is some variation of "Why?"

-Why follow a band?
-Why Hanson?
-Why keep going to show after show?
-Why camp out?
-Why put so much time and money into this?

You'll find the answers to those questions all over this blog, but most directly in these two posts:

Eight Reasons Why I Follow Hanson
Why I Follow a Band: The Moment that Makes it all Worth it

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