May 20, 2009

Member Event sneak preview blog

Because I'm too tired to write a full review, but don't want to forget some priceless quotes, here are some quotations worth elaborating on later and pondering about until then:

"What, is this a surprise party or something?"
Why yes, yes it was. Further proof of me being a fool and not caring.

"She can see us; she'll know we're here." Holly S.
"Yes, but she doesn't know I have a gun." Holly F.

"I slept with your dog." Zac
"I don't know whether to be angry or throw up. Probably both." Isaac
"Let's ask the dog." Taylor


"Youtuber!" Melissa
"Don't call me a potato." Beth

Edit, because Laura reminded me of something else:

"Turn on Maybelline road" Holly S
"Maybe it's Maybelline." Laura
"...Maybe it's not" Holly
(in response to misreading a sign that said "Maybell," or something to that effect that was not quite "Maybelline")

Ahh, Tulsa.

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