October 18, 2013

Anthem Tour: Tucson & San Diego

Tucson, AZ, Sept. 22nd, 2013

One downside of doing multiple shows on a tour (and the entire reason I started this blog) is that inevitable moment of "Tucson, Tucson...which one was Tucson again?" that's happening to me right now.

I don't at all mean that the show was forgettable, I just mean that I forgot, you know? (Kind of like how when my dog eats something, it doesn't necessarily mean it was edible, either). And sometimes all it means is that nobody shoved you or called you names that night, and you had a fairly relaxed good time.

Tucson walk
What I do know is that the lady in charge of security at the Rialto was really nice and efficient, and that I already emailed the venue to tell them just that because I think positive feedback is just as important as complaints. She took the time to map out the walk and take it with us and seemed happy to do it. She cared about making sure people didn't walk in the road, and she brought extra bottles of water that she offered us when we got back. It was a welcome change from the kind of venue staff that looks like they can't wait to be rid of you and treats you like a pest rather than a paying customer (I'm looking at you, Bluebird Theater. I also believe in leaving Yelp reviews).

Other than that, I know this was the day Rachel finally got drumsticks from Zac, and the day we saw an old man in a wedding dress ride a bicycle down the street--large boombox in tow--belting out some gloriously bad 80s song that I wish I could remember. I also really wish someone got it on video.

San Diego, CA Sept. 24th, 2013

I remember San Diego. It's the one with no public restrooms. Let this be a lesson to you should you find yourself sitting in front of the San Diego House of Blues for many hours at any point in the future. I don't mean the HOB didn't have a public restroom; I mean the million Starbucks, clothing shops, 7-Elevens, etc. in about a five block radius had no public restrooms, and there is no "I'll just hold it until we get home" in that scenario. It was also super hot and I spent a good hour napping in the fetal position under my umbrella because I'm a wimp in any weather extreme.

San Diego is also the one where Isaac wiped out straight off of the stage and took the piano down with him at the end of the show. "Going out with a bang" has never been so literal.  It was after the final bow and Taylor and Isaac had swapped sides of the stage to grab fans' hands in the crowd. I missed the big moment because I was busy avoiding death by being crushed into the barricade while Taylor greeted the people around me. I just heard the massive bang and turned to see the piano on its side and Isaac popping up from the floor with a sheepish grin and a wave that said "I'm okay!" From what I understand, he had been grabbing fans' hands and someone pulled a little too hard or perhaps wouldn't let go. To try to regain his balance/keep from being pulled down, he grabbed the piano for support, failing to remember that the "piano" is actually a much lighter keyboard in a mostly hollow piano shell. It's not built to hold the weight of an adult male, hence why Taylor no longer cavorts around on top of it. I'm glad pride was the only thing injured, at least.

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