July 8, 2016

#TenTweets: ABC's Greatest Hits

Confession: I have a not-so-guilty pleasure of scrolling the #Hanson tag on twitter any time the guys are on primetime TV or play a big festival for more than existing fans. I love seeing the variety of reactions, particularly from people who haven't heard from Hanson in years. There's always a range of the predictable ("These guys grew up!"), the pleasantly surprised ("Wait, do I like Hanson now?"), and the out-of-left-field ("One of them grew up to look like a mini Billy Ray Cyrus"). So I decided, why not take you guys on the entertainment journey with me and make a blog series out of it? Here we go. Ten of my favorite tweets sparked by Hanson's performance on ABC's Greatest Hits.

First, a factual account. Also, water is wet and the captain is obvious.

This is actually a really valid point that didn't occur to me during the "Thinkin' 'Bout Somethin" performance.


Also firmly in the "left field" category.

If this is true, kindly direct me to your PTA sign-up sheet.

Words of actual wisdom.


Okay, we'll start AND end with #facts.


The Good Groupie said...

These are so great. The one about Zac looking like Hagrid cracked me up - and I think it's totally fair. That hair is crazy.

I didn't watch it live last night, but I was pleasantly surprised by the entire show. And honestly? "MMMBop" has never sounded better to me. Now then, how about that Hanson/Echosmith tour?

Lisa said...

I'm always happy to see dudes appreciating Hanson. Maybe we'll see a better gender balance on the next tour :)

And Zac was a hot mess. I usually love that he's so uninterested in his appearance that he can't even be bothered to brush his hair, but he looked like he had a huge hair helmet on. So the Hagrid comparison may be fair this time.

Emilia said...

Crossing fingers this comment works and posts! MMMBop was a treat; harmonies were on point! Was also surprised with TBS for the time period. Where's the Love would have been a fun one. Would have liked all of Echosmith there and all of them singing at some point but I still enjoyed it. It's a little weird seeing Hanson as the more season band on a stage....