October 24, 2017

DO GO BE: Let's Get Fired Up

I may not have fully embraced the concept of "I Was Born" at first, but I still love the motivation to get out and do something fun. We picked up the challenge in a (slightly) safer, less adrenaline-inducing way and decided to fly in a hot air balloon over the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina during a day off from following the MOE tour.

I'm a little weird about heights. I'll ride the tallest, fastest ride at any theme park as long as I'm strapped in securely, but I won't climb the 10 foot ladder at work. I'm naturally clumsy and generally uncomfortable in any situation where I might be responsible for my own safety, so I wasn't really sure how I'd fare in a hot air balloon. It actually ended up being an extremely relaxing ride that didn't scare me at all. It was quiet, peaceful, and gorgeous, and I'd recommend it to anyone in good enough physical shape to climb into the basket. (What I don't recommend is forgetting not to use hairspray when it specifically says not to in the waiver and having to frantically wash it out in a rest stop sink 30 minutes before the flight so your hair doesn't catch on fire.)

Our pilot asked us where we were from, which always leads to how did you meet, and then leaves us at the inevitable "Hanson? Like MMMBop Hanson?" He was intrigued and even ended up looking up "Fired Up" and playing it for us while we took off. It was a pretty cool moment. Cheers for going on a hot air balloon ride, doing something a little scary, and being fired up. Literally.

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