March 1, 2011

Give a Little Pro-o-mooo

Okay, so the title's cheesy, but I've watched the video enough in the last few days that the tune is permanently embedded in my brain. I swear I've been walking around with even the most random thoughts in my mind synchronized to that infections little "oh-oh-oh" bit.

It's March 1st--the video has officially been out for a week. This time a week ago, I was sitting on a friend's floor in Nashville watching the video for the first time with three fellow fans. We giggled at the random buffalo, the floor sweeper, Isaac doing a flip, and Zac stroking the stereo with his face like a cat. It's about as random as you can get as far as dancing goes too, with everything from a ballerina to break dancers to babies rolling around. That being's awesome.

I've been in love with this song from the moment I first heard it on May 22nd at the Bamboozle Festival in Charlotte. It's light, it's in no way deep or philosophical, it doesn't make you think--it simply makes you dance. I wanted to contrast it with some of the mainstream popular music of the moment, but I'm suddenly realizing that there seems to be a trend of light, dance and party-themed songs going on right now; perhaps the timing is more than coincidental. Still, the energy and overall feeling of "Give a Little" is several steps above the average cluster of songs full of references to dynamite and glitter, and Enrique Iglesias's albeit similarly dance-infused "I Like It" is a little too adulterous for my taste (and let's face it--I'm not much of a fist-pumper). I definitely see this song going places in a more public way than Hanson's music has been in the past several years if people will give it a chance.

There's just something about the constant beat paired with that catchy guitar riff that makes you have to move, regardless of your skill level or reservations--and that's exactly the vibe the video gives. I decided early on that this song was meant to be danced to, and perhaps that's why I let go and danced like a fool in the crowd the first time I heard it at a full concert--the time I ended up on stage minutes later. The eclectic dancers in the video make me feel a bit more at home with my quirky dancing, and I think that's the point. It goes back to the old cliche: live like you're dying, dance like no one's watching, and all of that jazz. It's the same feeling I get when I travel to see Hanson, the reason I keep coming back over and over again, a sort of catharsis in letting go of responsibility and worry and just being for just three minutes and forty-four seconds. Maybe this is just the ramblings of someone who needs another Hanson fix to stifle the crazy, but this song rocks.

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