January 7, 2012

Forever if (N)Ever

That awkward moment when Jon McLaughlin refutes your latest blog post...

I had that today.

From my blog post on Jan. 5th:

"...he was absolutely phenomenal, quite possibly the best piano player I've ever heard, and more than worth the $10 I spent to pick up his latest album (Forever If Ever)...Do yourself a favor--go to iTunes, youtube, Spotify, jonmcl.com, etc. and listen.You won't regret it."

From Jon's blog today (Jan. 7th):

"my last record Forever If Ever is no longer up on iTunes, Amazon, my site, stores, anywhere. It has disappeared. So if you have already purchased your copy then great! It’s value just went up. It’s a collector’s item now. It once was worth $10.00 but now I estimate that it’s value has sky rocketed to at least $11.20-11.25."

You can check out his full entry here for further explanation, but you get the point.

So ah, maybe don't go out and look for Forever if Ever. But do keep this guy on your music radar.

And I for one will not be selling my copy for a $1.25 profit. With the autograph, it's got to be worth at least $12.50.

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