December 12, 2018

For Sale: Two Gold Coast String Theory Tickets

For sale: Two tickets to Hanson's String Theory show at The Star Gold Coast in QLD, Australia. In exchange for $265 AUD (face value with fees), you will receive two print-at-home tickets for seats LL 24 and LL 25 in the now-sold-out Stalls 4 center section. These tickets guarantee that you will get to experience an unforgettable performance of String Theory live from the 11th row on March 8, 2019.

Choosing tickets for a seated show is no easy task, and unlike general admission, you can't change your mind once you get inside. Before you buy, you must ask yourself: do you prefer to sit in front of Zac, Taylor, or Isaac? If answering this question gives you anxiety, or if your answer is a solid "Isaac" or "Idk, whatever's in the middle," then these are the seats for you. At just three seats off from dead center, LL 24 and LL 25 will offer you a well-balanced view of the entire stage with a slight lean towards Zac (and if it really matters, just put your Taylor friend in LL 24. She'll be fine). They are far enough back to afford a view of the entire symphony orchestra while still being close enough to discern every smile, hair flip, and judgy glare from *anywhere on the stage.

Maybe you're still unsure. Buying seated tickets can be intimidating even if you know where you want to sit because you have no control over who is sitting around you. Who's to say that Tall Bald Guy won't be in seat KK 24? No worries, my friend, because I have reached out and can personally confirm that this will not be the case. What other pair of tickets for sale out there comes with an **anti-Tall Bald Guy guarantee? None of them. This is a exclusive offer.

I'll admit, there's still nothing stopping Standy McTayfan from being in KK 25 or Sloppy "I swear I'm just buzzed" Susan from climbing over MM 24 to get one row closer to happily oblivious humiliation. (In the highly unlikely event of both of these situations occurring simultaneously, just let her keep going and hope she takes down Standy McTayfan on the way). It's an unfortunate risk that comes with any seated show. Trust me, I've been there, done that, and had the sloppy seat scaler pried off of me by security. Somehow I still always come out of it glad I decided to go. The way I see it, there may be a 50% chance of having your fun night compromised by an obnoxious fan if you go, but there's a 100% chance of not enjoying yourself if you don't. The answer is obvious. Don't let Sloppy Susan win.

And though there will always be a few horror stories out there, far more common are the happy endings that come from taking the plunge and braving the crowd. Many fans can testify to having met their closest friends and even spouses next to them at Hanson shows. By not buying these tickets, you could just as easily be turning down the opportunity to sit next to your future best friend or even your soul mate. Do you really want to risk giving that up?

So take a chance, reach for the sky, and don't wait for tomorrow. Dance all night (no--but really--stay in your seat), find your courage, and treat yourself--tonight!

*Anywhere in the first row of performers. You probably won't be able to see disgruntled trombone player #2 from anywhere in the venue. (It's probably why he's disgruntled.)

**Guarantee applies to THE Tall Bald Guy™ only. The presence of generic guys who are otherwise tall and/or bald will not be monitored.

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