July 10, 2024

Six Reasons You Need to Buy These Toronto Seats!

Up for grabs Sold: Two pairs of Two Day Passes at the Danforth Music Hall + Two Afterparty Tickets. These are assigned seats located in the front row of the mezzanine indicated by the red dots on the map below. I'm selling all of the above as a bundle for the face value of $234 USD (which was the discounted fan club presale price).

When I originally bought these tickets, I had hoped to check out a new city and use the freedom of great balcony seats to play worry-free tourist for a couple of days. I've since decided that the role I should be playing on these dates instead is someone who occasionally rests and goes to work in between Hanson shows. Boring, I know, but my impulse buy can now be your impulse buy. Here are six reasons why I chose these seats and why you should, too!

1. It's good for your mental health.

Think about all of the stress you've felt waiting in lines, the hours you've put into getting the best spot possible all culminating in a peak level of anxiety when people start lurking at the front of the line just before doors. Will they run faster than you? Will you trip on the way in the door? Will something you forgot you left in your pocket cause security to hold you aside while everyone runs freely past you to the barricade? With these tickets? Let them. You know exactly where you're headed, and no one can take it from you.

2. It's good for your physical health.

2A. (Your feet will thank you) 

Remember when you used to wear super cute wedges/sandals/flats to shows because you didn't have to worry that your feet would be ready to fall off by the final bow? No? Okay, well what about a time when you wore perfectly reasonable shoes to shows and weren't already cursing the fact that you had to stand on your feet for another three hours just barely 30 minutes after doors? Good news! With these tickets, you don't have to stand up while you wait for the show to start. You don't have to stand up while you listen to the openers. You don't even have to stand up for Hanson if you don't want to because you'll have a nicely cushioned seat and nobody standing in front of you.

2B. (Your bladder will thank you.)

Since these are front row aisle seats, you can make as many bathroom and bar trips as you like without the awkward sideways shuffle through the 3-inch gap between the seats ahead of you and approximately 15 strangers. AND your seat will still be there every time you return! Just don't get too cocky about all that extra space and step too close to the mezzanine wall. 

3. You'll have a clear view regardless of your height.

I started to pitch this one as a solution to short people problems because it's why I (at 5'2") wanted these seats, but with the capabilities of cell phones and the ever-present inconsiderate few, having your view blocked at a concert is now an everybody problem. Luckily, the first row location of these seats guarantees a great sightline free from obstruction no matter your height or obnoxious surroundings. There will be no tall people, selfie sticks, chronic live streamers, face timers, rogue puffy paint signs, or kids on shoulders to block your view. You can just sit back, relax, and play Statler & Waldorf to the mayhem below.

4. You can take your time buying merch. 

I don't know about you, but I usually skip the merch booth at GA shows unless it's after the show and the line looks abnormally short. Even if you luck out and find yourself in a quick line after the show, sizes are usually picked over by then and things will be sold out. Having a specific seat means you can go straight to the merch booth when you enter the venue without worrying about establishing a spot in the crowd or making sure you have a friend capable of saving it. It also means you can put your merch under your seat and not be stuck holding it all night long. Win-win!

5. You can enjoy being a tourist.

You can visit the CN Tower, the St. Lawrence Market, the Hockey Hall of Fame, an array of museum options, or take a day trip to Niagara Falls and still make it to your seat by show time without ever setting foot in the line. Sure, you could go back home and tell people you saw Hanson in Toronto, but wouldn't you rather go back home with memories of seeing a whole lot more?

6. They're the best seats you'll find and at the best price.

The entire mezzanine is currently sold out on Ticketmaster. Of course, you're welcome to purchase the only pair of mezz tickets currently available on Stubhub that are a few rows behind these and over double the price. If your happy place is 3rd row overpriced resale balcony tickets, I support you, but I also have questions.

All jokes aside, I wish I could make this one work, but I'd rather resell directly to a real fan at a fair price than use a resale site that will charge you way more while paying me less. If you're interested and don't already have me on social media, feel free to send me a message on instagram https://www.instagram.com/_hollywouldnt/. Have fun and eat some poutine for me!

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